Welcome to Ward 11

Home to great neighbourhoods...


Southcrest, Berkshire, Kensal Park, Manor & Highland Park, Coves, Wortley Village, Old South.

 ward 11 map

One of the reasons I’m proud to live in this ward is the sense of community. We care about our neighbours and our neighbourhoods. Street parties, little free libraries, porches, mature trees, natural spaces, boulevard gardens…so many things to make this such a great place to live. 

What I really admire is how involved our neighbours are in building our quality of life. I’m honoured to have been re-elected as city councillor for such a civic-minded ward. My task over this term will be to make sure I give every opportunity to help you be involved in how our neighbourhoods and our city develops over the coming years. This website is just one part of that.

Please use this site to share your ideas, see what’s coming up in our ward, and to help guide me as to what’s important to you. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with you and for you.