Frequently Used Contacts


Councillor Stephen Turner

Office: 519-661-2489 xt 4011

[email protected]


By‐laws — untidy properties, noise, enforcement


[email protected]


Planning & Development Services — building permits, zoning, current land use applications, planning applications, zoning amendments


[email protected]


Public Service — garbage and recycling, potholes and road hazards, construction inquiries, sidewalk repairs, snow removal, weeds and grass, street sweeping, traffic signs


[email protected]


Parking Enforcement – parking tickets, illegally parked vehicles, parking regulations

519‐661‐4537 After Hours: 519‐661‐4965

[email protected]


Street Light & Traffic Signal Outages

519‐661‐2641 Press 1 for street lights / Press 2 for traffic signals